Paul and Jo are very proud to announce the arrival of Rosemary Margaret Burke

Born 22:12 13/May/2000

7lb exactly

Mother and baby are doing well

New pictures *as and when* - I'm trying for daily but these newborns seem to take up a lot of time ....

Latest additions 20/Aug/2000

Baby and Grandpa Burke Rosie in a cot Mother and baby doing well Grandpa burke very pleased!
Grandpa Burke and RosieRosie in a cotMother and BabyGrandpa B and Rosie (again!)
Rosie and Nanny Duffil Rosie and Grandpa Duffil Mother and baby still doing well Rosie being winded
Rosie and Nanny DuffilRosie and Grandpa DuffilMother and Baby still doing wellRosie after a feed
Baby and Grandpa Burke Rosie in a cot Rosie with Autie Tracy Rosie with Uncle Carl
Rosie with Nanny Burke and Uncle Mat.Rosie asleepRosie with Auntie TracyRosie with Uncle Carl